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video course Salon haircuts

introductory lesson


This introductory lesson is intended to tell you how and for whom the Salon Haircuts course was created, as well as to explain what the learning process will consist of.


why this course is worth studying
a detailed description of each form
what the studying process consists of
how to prepare for studying
recommendations for the studying process


00:10 - 00:35
whom the Salon haircuts course is for
00:35 - 1:15
what the course will provide in practice
1:15 - 1:35
how to prepare for the course
1:35 - 1:55
learning process guidelines
1:55 - 5:30
what the video course consists of.
Detailed description of the video lessons.
Andrey Krupchinsky
minutes lesson duration
Subtitles: Russian, English
Language of audio: Russian
Andrey Krupchinsky will also introduce the forms included in the course, explain why these forms were included in the course, and disclose the unique features of each of them.
We recommend how to prepare for the course and what we advise to make the educational process as productive as possible
how to make studying most effective
5:30 - 6:10
what each video lesson consists of
6:10 - 6:52
3D haircut diagram
6:52 - 7:20
how the final looks will be presented
7:20 - 10:10
about goals and their achievement


we have created a unique design of the form`s architecture in 3D
a 3D diagram is attached to every lesson of the course
this 3D format allows you to view cutting technique from any angle
the diagram shows all sections, steps, elevations and cutting lines

diagram of

the haircut

to access the 3D diagram, buy one lesson or a full course

course programme

types of education

1 video in library
3D diagram
pdf mannequin for drawing diagrams
chat support
1 month access
10 video lessons
10 diagrams in 3D
pdf mannequin for drawing diagrams
chat support
Salon haircuts
12 month access
full access
Especially for you, we have put together a year long program that includes almost 4 years of offline education
10 video lessons
$84 per month with an annual subscription
If you’ve bought several courses and decide to get full access, we will give you a discount based on your purchases
year of professional inspiration
of concentrated education
day path to financial growth
Video course
10 diagrams in 3D
pdf mannequin for drawing diagrams
chat support
8 classes
Web classes
8 demo and feedback lessons
theory and practice
Live streams
work with looks from the classics to the avant-garde
access to interviews with iconic people
Full access for a year
*Full access does not include two theory web classes: Beginner and Adaptation
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