video course Salon haircuts

frontal graduation with layers

lesson 04

Frontal graduation provides a full silhouette along the perimeter of the form, gathers the hair into a single projection, taking into account all the features of the hairline
create a full silhouette
work with graduation on long hair
combine graduation and layers
combine the length and the volume on long hair
maintain the projection along a circumference
00:00 - 01:48
preparation and sectioning
01:48 - 12:06
step-by-step creation of the form in the occipital area
12:06 - 20:58
step-by-step creation of the form in the frontal and temporal areas
20:58 - 27:15
step-by-step creation of the layers in the upper areas
27:15 - 29:36
30:52 - 31:31
final look and presentation of the form
This form is complemented by layers that activate the hair structure and provide a mobile and soft silhouette
29:36 - 30:52
form refinement



3D diagram of the form



Pavel Marushchynets
minutes lesson duration
Subtitles: Russian, English
Language of audio: Russian, English


we have created a unique design of the form`s architecture in 3D
a 3D diagram is attached to every lesson of the course
this 3D format allows you to view cutting technique from any angle
the diagram shows all sections, steps, elevations and cutting lines

diagram of

the haircut

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