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10 video tutorials on the top ten techniques used in commercial haircuts

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successfully proven commercial techniques
how to do work that will attract new clients
how to profit more by creating a high-quality form
how to improve quality and expand creativity
learn to work with different lengths, volumes, and to combine them correctly

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Video course includes 10 commercial haircut techniques in a format of video tutorials and one introductory video
This video course is for professionals with working experience, as well as for those, who just have started their journey in the profession, want to develop visual experience and aim for the best results

it is important to know

The video lessons are recorded and assembled in an edited format, taking into account all of the details and accents in the creation of the form

Square layers with a line on middle length

Lesson 01

lesson structure


Square layers with a line on middle length


3D diagram of the form
pdf mannequin for drawing diagrams


create high volume
work with layers
work with over-direction
create a line
maintain the projection of the plane


Andrey Krupchinsky
minutes lesson duration
Subtitles: Russian, English
Language of audio: Russian, English
In this video tutorial, we will show how the line along the circumference can transform while styling and look completely different with different textures
How to build high and flat volume while saving the density of the hairline around the head
With this technique we demonstrate how to maintain the plane while creating the silhouette and how to work with different textures while styling
This is one of the most successful commercial forms in salon work
00:00 - 02:32
preparation and sectioning
02:32 - 10:24
step-by-step creation of the form in the occipital area
10:24 - 16:48
step-by-step creation of the form in the frontal and temporal areas
16:48 - 23:27
the design of the form along the perimeter in a line
23:27 - 26:15
26:15 - 34:03
form refinement
34:03 - 34:48
final look and presentation of the form


we have created a unique design of the form`s architecture in 3D
a 3D diagram is attached to every lesson of the course
this 3D format allows you to view cutting technique from any angle
the diagram shows all sections, steps, elevations and cutting lines

diagram of

the haircut

to access the 3D diagram, buy one lesson or a full course


Andrey Krupchinsky

Pavel Marushchynets

Creative director of ERTEQOOB
Technical director of ERTEQOOB
Founder of the ERTEQOOB educational online platform
Co-Founder of the ERTEQOOB Academy and Salons
Creator of techniques for hair design and haircut architecture
Author of the Adaptation method
Creator of the CINEMA prototype show
Participant of the NOISE London
Exclusive partner and ambassador of Hair rituel by SISLEY
An expert in the hairdressing industry
20 years of experience
Founder of the ERTEQOOB educational online platform
Managing partner of ERTEQOOB Academy
Creator of educational courses and curator of the team of teachers
Author and leading teacher of the TECH course
Creator of terminology in the ERTEQOOB educational system
Coach of teachers and brand masters
Art director in promotions and positioning of ERTEQOOB brand
15 years of experience

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pdf mannequin for drawing diagrams
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