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Andrey Krupchinsky

leader and mastermind


Moskovs`kyi Ave., 142
Volodymyrska St., 49a


Kul'tury St., 3
Kostolna St., 9
Volodymyrska St., 49a

project creators

Andrey Krupchinsky

Pavel Marushchynets

Creative director of ERTEQOOB
Technical director of ERTEQOOB
Founder of the ERTEQOOB educational online platform
Co-Founder of the ERTEQOOB Academy and Salons
Creator of techniques for hair design and haircut architecture
Author of the Adaptation method
Creator of the CINEMA prototype show
Participant of the NOISE London
Exclusive partner and ambassador of Hair rituel by SISLEY
An expert in the hairdressing industry
20 years of experience
Founder of the ERTEQOOB educational online platform
Managing partner of ERTEQOOB Academy
Creator of educational courses and curator of the team of teachers
Author and leading teacher of the TECH course
Creator of terminology in the ERTEQOOB educational system
Coach of teachers and brand masters
Art director in promotions and positioning of ERTEQOOB brand
15 years of experience


We always separate projects for work and for play, and try not to limit ourselves in anything. What can happen with this approach - find out by exploring the projects